Jeremy James For Your Real Estate Needs

Unfortunately not all estate agents provide the best service, despite the fact there are many to choose from. Marylebone property rentals and purchases come with potential pitfalls, and working with a good agent is still the best way to avoid those. Given that it’s probably the biggest investment of your life, it’s well worth getting the best service and the best deal you can.

Choosing the best agent for your Marylebone property rental or purchase is easier with these steps:

Many agents choose to work with sellers, or they focus on helping the buyer or someone interested in renting. Specialising in working on the buyer’s or seller’s behalf is common, although all real estate agents can work for either party.

So working with an agent who routinely works with buyers should be your focus if you’re a first time buyer. And working with a seller’s agent probably makes more sense if your goal is to sell your property before buying another. And of course, a relationship with an agent that knows the rental market is a good idea if you’re looking at Marylebone property rentals. In short, you want to work with an agent that understands your specific needs and can bring their experience and expertise to bear.

Relevant Experience Is a Must

It’s hard work to qualify as an attorney, meaning that any lawyer has had to go through all the required training, and meet various requirements. However, that isn’t the case with real estate; the lack of regulation and specific qualifications means it’s relatively easy to become an agent. And that means you should ensure the agent you work with is knowledgeable, experienced and familiar with handling transactions.

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to choosing a good estate agent, whether you’re renting, selling or buying. You probably don’t want to work with an agent that just has limited experience. Your choice of agent should be based on the number of transactions handled and how successful those transactions were.

When it comes to experience, professionalism and knowledge of the Marylebone real estate market, your first choice should be Jeremy James. Your property transaction is just as important to us as it is to you, and you don’t want your rental, sale or purchase handled by someone inexperienced. The agents at Jeremy James have decades of relevant experience and can help you with what is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life. We welcome potential clients in our Marylebone office, or you can call or email us for expert and friendly advice.

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